My name is Rachel. I am a member of Against the Odds and I have not used methamphetamine since October 7th , 2020. I attend a wide variety of meetings in person and virtually that are helpful in keeping me grounded and connected in recovery. Personally, for me I have found that the biggest factor in keeping me free from substance use is exercise. I have a gym membership where I like to run and do strength training typically three days a week and I also like to go to the boxing gym twice a week because that provides more discipline and structure to my routine.

Some of the other benefits of physical fitness in recovery for me are that it improves my sleep, it is helpful to gaining strength back in my muscles, and it also relieves stress. Most importantly it fills my time providing structure. Exercising also keeps my mind occupied off of negative thoughts which in turn is good for my overall mental health. I like to defy the odds and challenge
myself to reach fitness goals that I used to think were impossible for myself. This also helps me realize that I can do that in other areas of my life as well as I grow personally and professionally. I strongly encourage anyone who doesn’t already incorporate exercise into their routine to do so as a vital component of their health and wellness. 

Against The Odds has been a huge support on my recovery journey and I am super grateful for this organization.


Hi, my name is Josh. I am a member of Against The Odds (ATO)  and I just celebrated 5 months of sobriety from my meth addiction.

In 2020 my life was spiraling out of control. I was in and out of jail. I lost my kids to Child Protective Services (CPS) in January. My Dad passed away unexpectedly in May, and I was just trying to numb all my pain away. It was like a bad dream and I no longer wanted to live.

On June 21st, 2020 I admitted I was powerless over my addiction and surrendered. I went to inpatient treatment for 90 days, and 90 days in outpatient.

Afterwards I worked really hard to work my case plan, and got my kids back from CPS.

After I got out of treatment I was lost and hopeless. I could not find a support system that I related to and where I didn’t feel like I was judged harshly.

While I was trying to get myself back on track I didn’t have a healthy support system with friends or family that didn’t struggle with substance use. I  ended up relapsing twice. I saw Against The Odds (ATO) on Facebook and wanted to reach out.

While I was in the hospital after my relapse my Mom reached out to Phil on messenger and he reached back out to me in the hospital. Phil has since been a huge support ever since.  I have no doubt that the meeting was a divine intervention. 5 months sober and I thank God everyday for Phil and ATO’s support. I now am thankful for waking up everyday, and appreciate a non judgmental recovery coach who I can relate to.

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