Code of Ethics

ATO Code of Ethics Policy

  • Do not exploit personal relationships within ATO for personal gain.
  • Do not under any circumstances sexually exploit or harass other individuals.
  • Do not act in any way that violates the civil, legal, or ethical rights of others.
  • Work to resist gossip, hearsay, and rumors.
  • Remember that in the eyes of the general public, we represent people in recovery at all times and that your actions influence how the community sees the recovery movement.

Our Resposibility to Those We Serve

  • The responsibility for personal recovery resides with the individual; understand that personal recovery comes before any ATO activity.
  • Strive to ensure that people in recovery from substance misuse will be treated with dignity and respect in their personal recovery process.
  • Make an effort to see that ATO empowers recovering people in their physical, emotional and spiritual growth and that ATO provides opportunities for them to make significant contributions to themselves, their families and friends, their communities, and our society.
  • Work to represent all people in recovery, especially those who feel they have no voice.