Helping people out of addiction

ATO Recovery and Reentry is Recovery Community Organization (RCO) here to support you on your journey. ATO has resources within the recovery community. Transitional housing. Sober living. Detox treatment. Rides to get help. Mentoring. Coaching. All in the Twin Cities, MN area as well as resources in the digital world. Our ATO Facebook group has 20k membership attached to it. Helping to provide 24/7 support from members across the globe. Positive life changes are possible! Especially when you include God into the equation.

ATO's Board of Directors

BOARD MEMBER - Phillip Tyler - Founder - Board President -CPRS

Phillip Tyler

Founder &
Board President

BOARD MEMBER - Anna-Tyler - Co-Founder - Executive Director - CPRS

Anna Tyler

Co-Founder &
Executive Director

BOARD MEMBER - Marlin Meszaros - Treasurer - OWDS

Marlin Meszaros


BOARD MEMBER - Misty Broady - Board Secretary, Supv-CPRSR - FE, - CPP

Misty Broady

Board Secretary

BOARD MEMBER - Veronica Hardaway - CPRS

Veronica Hardaway

Board Member


Tim Eling

Board Member


Jamie Rigling

Board Member

Warriors for Light

Phil created ATO with the mission and vision to spread hope to the hopeless by providing positive uplifting motivational recovery support through digital media as well as personal mentoring and coaching for people. ATO streams live on FB with special guests who share their hope as well. Real stories from real people in recovery.

When you think of “against the odds” you think of a group of people that were told that they weren’t gonna make it because of the choices they made or the choices their parents made. We are a family of warrior survivors who stand tall, share our stories, and serve others the way God intended us to do. We are the ones who were told we would never amount to anything. “Always an addict” or “He or she will never change..” Yup, that’s us! We recover loud so no one is left dying in silence. We are warriors for the light in this war against despair and darkness.

Against the Odds Recovery and Reentry works with local ministries and treatment centers to help anyone who reaches us in need.